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[ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. the return of regular n-f-l refs.a eport card on their first game back. tonight on 3ox 45 neww at five.3- 3 map bblair295395map
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3 a very different tone today... among n-f-llfans. tt work... ending a severrl-month-long lockout.and fans... wwee glad to have them
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the start as the ravenn took pontrol eaaly ith joe flacco finding torree smith with the game..... tooreyys 3rd t-d in 2 weeks. peees.but this one was close until the thrid quarter whee cary williams steps n front of a brandon weeden pass.... and retuuns it 63 yaads for a pccre to give the ravens a 13-point lead. yet as we pnoo fans, its never really that easy is it? the game wasn't decided until a pass by wweden sails &pout of the end zone as time eepiress thh rrvens win 23-to-16 after the game... coach harbaugh had some words to say about the return oo the league's regular refs. "wellomeeback to the officials. good to have you back. these guys are pros. these guys are really good. the communication was good." good."n-f-l commissioner, po fans... saying he's sorryy he had to puu the general public through a difficult laboo dissute. the story of the game, wass... the game! not the refs! aathhugh afterwards,
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finally talking openly about how they eally felt about he . replacements. joel d. smitt point with that reaction, plus &pii tte fans noticed any diffeeence in the way thh game was ppayed..ood morning joel d. good orrinn guys. guys.let's take aacloser look at the gamee and the refs.3 refs. they stripes are the same, but the guys in those shirtt are different... they're arms work....signalling its good... etc. stats... ray rice has some very nice words about the replacemmnt refs... and ray lewis says what made himmsmile
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began. ray lewis 5800 thats the firstt timm i got excited aaout seeing referees... yeah, i walled up to hem, that'' thh &pfirst hing i said, i was fighting foo you guys.ray rice 4514 we mighh as well give the replacement refs some thanks for stepping in for a time. otherwise wwat would we flag ootball. backyard football. so you hve toogive &pthem some credit. credit.the ravens can now sit back and watcc the refs work this weekknd, during their 10 pay brrak beeore taking on pansas city. live in fells point, joel d. morning news. 3
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a robberyysuspect whoowassshot is now acing charges. charges.pooiie confronntd 27 year old kirk parker on potter on monday....aftee a robbery. - police say e began fighting with an officer and pulled a ggn.tte officer's partner hot thht parker is inn stable condition.. he's being charged with aamed robbery and assault.the officer is a 14 placed on administrativee investiggtion into the baltimore county police are a 7-11 store last month.check out these surveillance photos from august 2nd at the store towson.youu annsee the men pretty clearly.police say thee mmn asked for ciggrettts and then climbed overrthe counter and stole money from the regisser.if you havv any iiformation you're asked to call poliie. p3 son are in stable condition this morning... after being boy's father.e say... bb the - ford senior thursday morning.c charges after police say he
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shht his son in the the child's mother tried to un ffom the home with her son... phe was shot too. detectivvs suspect this was a case of domestic violence. 12:52 it's extremely troubling the fact that a child was subjected to seeing this aaleged abuse and then tth fact that the child was struck it issa true trageey :04 officers caught up with him ii east baltimore a few hours laaer. &p on his first official day on the job...baltimore's new police commissioner viistt the famiiy of a man who died in police custtdy. custody. anthony batts and members of his ommand staff viiited the family of 46-year-old anthony anderson. we spoke with the family's told us theepolice y... ho anderson's tooextend the - condolences.batts promises a thorough investiiation... and so does the city's staae's attorney. 3 the police certainll have a role in terms of conducting an investigation but at the &pend of the day our 3
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responsibility is to make tth abbut what should happen...- happen... once the invessigation is cooplete ..... &pbernssein promises to release pertinent information gathered i this case.iles ruins... after a car smasses n - into it. here's look inside....a complete mess... pieces of wall... all over the &pplace..itnesses say the car hit a couple of trees efooe jumping the median. iq: i saw thh driveroq: so that was kind of unusual unusualthis ook place neaa a school.the students had tte driver of the car was a 70 year old man.he didn't suffer anny serious injuries.two people were inside the home at the time.neither of them weee injuued. sspporters of the maryland dream act are launching a neww ppproval for question 4 on - ballot.the group will plan to gathhr tomorrow morring at 11
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academy library.vvters will be deciding in november whether to approve the law, whiih was passed last year. a gunman in minneapolisskills five people... including inside a sign company. company.yyu can see police on the scene at the store... where they fouud the victim's on the word on the identity of theeshooter... but police say heediid of a self-innlicted gunshot wound. there are reports the suspect may have been a disgruntled employee. igure out what seet "sons of anarchy" star, johnny lewii, on a violent ampage... that left both heeand his landlord lewis beattthe eedeely woman to death....then ttok a deadly fall while trying to escape police.offfiers responded to screams for hell from the an actress who claims she was dupee into ppearing innthht anti-islamic film... takes hhr
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her about the nature of the - sparked outrage around the - world.on monday... a jjdgee rejecced her case.she thhn re-filed in federal court... on wednesday. first-timm claims for jobless benefiis hittthe lowest level since july. jjly.the labor departmmnt says roughly 3-hundred-599thousand people filed jobless claims forrthe first time last weee. thha's 26-thousand less thhn the week before.... and far better thaa analysts were anticipating. more americans are makinggthe move to big cities..hat's aacording to new ddta from the &pmore people are movinn s &pradius of city haal.chicago i seeing the biggest downtown population boom... with neww orleans trailing close behind. researrhers believe thh move is due to people wanting to live closer tootheer jobs. purple at one baltimore school thursday...even on a ravens gam! pameday!that's because three porioles pitchers visitee st.
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philip neri catholic school. because st. philip neri won a 'go orange' hhllenge this month.tte kids got a visit from jason hammel, tommy hunter and troy patton... along with announcer jim buck showalter was even rd! honored as principal for the day! jason hhmmel: 29.50 (on buck as principal) "withouu a doubt. if he can get us all in line, he'll beeabbe to get these youug kidssin line."kate principal: 3.43 since buck orioles,,iifigured it was kinda fitting making him principal foo the day."troy patton: 33.18 "no ooe woold get out of line with uck as pr" principal."st. philip neri school beat out about 30 other maryland schools. ssuuents more showees arr on the way... - thunderstoomm.your skywatch weather forecast is next. neet. ((
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krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children. meteorologist))((ad lib meteorologist))
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hh could be the orioles biggest...aad loudest... and most reccgnized faa. next in ur cover story.k...& ((bump out)) ((break 2))
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the field orrin the sttnds, every major sporting event oriole park this season, there's a fan that's proving &pto be larger than life... aad in this morning's cover story, jeff abell examines hoo he's pumppnggnewwenergy into ((:48:00) (stadium wide) (music nats) at oriole park this season.... 5:32:56) "programs &phere...." there's a different sound in tte air.... (4:53:54) (player hits) &p the oriolee are winning..... (quick cheering nats) the stands are filling.... and on this night..... (5:44:59) &p"my turkey suit, my mariachi costume, my santa suit....." neal moorhoose is running late..... (5:39:46) "its amazing. i'm ssill in disbellef about the whole season...." a couple of blocks from oriole park, moorhouss, is gearing up...and
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rolling out....gearing up...and rolling out.... (5:48:58) "ah....(picks up bike)....let's do this...." (5:39:14) "i don't have down to...." moorhouse is a ifelong an.....but this season..... (5:53:26) (rings bell/laughs) he's in a league f his own. (5:57:48) (high fives) "let's go o's....!" with a mexican mask and a designer cape.... moorhouse is a whole neww class offfans. (6:11:31) "i'm just fat oriole park, he turns the stands....into (6:03:57) (chanting) &p"let's go o's.....let's go
5:53 am
o's.....!" (6:01:09) (fan) "" hunk-a, hunk-a, burnin' that it...?? (6:04:22) (chhnting) "l...e...s....orioles....!! (6:11:48) (moorrouse) "i have no problemn starting &pgeeting in front of tte croww &pgeneealll.....(flexe just s).....gnnrrllyyannoying...." he calls himseef carne cabeza.....hich means meathead in spanish..... ut in the three months since he first appeared shirtless.....the crowds haae embraced him....all 260-pounds of him. (6:23:40) "hey this is cute though.. (slapp sensitive...." (6:13:39) "a guy muscular and fit could do it but it wouldn't haae the same, altimore. we're (fan) "i'm from new york. i just went to the mets game last night, i'm goonn to the phillys game tomorrow night &pand i went to the yankees saturday night and i guaaantee you won't seeethat any othhr place...." wwerever there's a camera.....oorhouse has a pose.... from the front- &pside.... or the back.... e's on a stii time in 15-years...the rioles
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have scored a winning seassn. "they're starving to gee oud. its been 14-yearr. we don't we don't remember the eddie purray chants." (6:22:10) poses and pans toophotoo.) (6:22:19) "that ude is the man...gotta love him...." he's a fan....who now has fans hhmself..... but on this night.... (6:24:48) (tired anddttrns) "....ahhh....." the orioles may have llst but many fans still scored a 260- pound victory...... 3 leave knowing i hhd fun...."" (6:37:15) "til next o's.......(rinns bell)"" tenn abell, fox 45, news at -& pext in sports... sportss.. the ravens ... beat the browns in a clooe gamm at m&t bbnk stadium last night.the &pplayer that stepped it up.. plus hh highlights..that's nextt ((breaa 3))
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&p hey america, even thoughey', wes, clay and demarcus tried on the new depend real fit briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even while playing pro football. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try one on for yourself.
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i'll have the build your own burger with a...n? sunny-side up egg, jack cheese, jill. and, uh... make it a double. inspiration can come from anywhere.
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build your own burgers are now at denny's. celebrate the regular refs' first night back on the field... with a big win over theebrowns. browns.check out the reff.... walk onto the gridiron.this was the first time in √°months√° even the players showed them the love.after that... it was was on! ccoo - throwing for 356 yards and a touchdown to torrey smith. flaccc also ran foo a touchdoww.but the browns played tough! the game wasn't &pdecided until a pass by cleveland rookie brandon zone... as the clock ran out. it was very siiilaa to the last play of monday night's seahawks- packers gamm... but that throw made it to the endzone, and into the arms of two players .... sort of. replacement rees made a controveesial call and nnf-ll commissioner, roger gooddll says that call... is what parrially leddto reaching a deal with the referees' union. "labor negotiaaions and labor
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disputes are difffcult difficult about it is you have but you also have alot of m, - parties outside the oom that get aafaected by it, starting with our faas. we were sorry to bbing ouu fanssthrough that, we're sorry to bring the general public through that.. 233to-16 victory... never once trailing ehind. 3pets take a look insiieeouu purple pride gallery... this reisterssown.she calls this... "coussns loving tte ravenss" and this is landyn joohua... rocking his purrle and blaak. thanks to holly for sending this in. show us your purple can upload photos and videos to us ttrough purple -at -fox baltimore -dot- com.and youu can see thoss ppctures on our "see it shoot t send it" page can go to our facebbok pagg... - facebook dot com slash foxbaltimore... click on "inside fox45." tech geeks are
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week!the reason beeind he crowd..and the good essage... computer giants are trying to send. let's say you want to get ahead in your career. how do you get from here... to here?

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